A unique platform to enable smart objects and packaging

Our Product Range

PragmatIC’s product range spans 6 key categories that together provide a complete platform to enable smart objects that sense information about their environment, process this information to respond appropriately, and communicate with individuals or other electronic devices.

PragmatIC Compute

The core of any electronic system is the digital logic, which performs computations on the data coming from other elements of the system and controls all actions taken in response. This is the most commonly understood use of silicon chips, for example as the processor inside a laptop or smartphone. The PragmatIC Compute product family provides key flexIC building blocks supporting a wide range of functions. Many of these are based on established digital logic in silicon, such as the well-known 7400 series, where they can offer direct “drop-and-replace” functionality but in a unique form factor. Others are bespoke products designed by PragmatIC to offer specific functions (e.g. timers, counters, etc) that have been requested by our customers, in many cases with the ability to program certain aspects of the function (e.g. the speed of a timer). We also have fully programmable processor cores in development… watch this space!

PragmatIC Design

As well as providing our own designs, PragmatIC also supports third-party design for custom flexICs. We can provide a Process Design Kit (PDK) for integration with an existing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) environment, or recommendations regarding low-cost or open-source software that can be used for establishing a complete EDA toolflow, including schematic capture, simulation, hardware description, synthesis, place & route, design rule check, extraction and verification.

PragmatIC Power

PragmatIC’s technology supports a variety of wireless energy harvesting approaches. We have proven products providing rectification at low frequency (LF, e.g. 125kHz) and high frequency (HF, e.g. 13.56MHz), as well as PragmatIC’s patent-pending Proximity Field Communication (PFC) for efficient capacitive energy transfer. Future products are in development to support rectification at ultra high frequency (UHF, e.g. 900MHz) and beyond – our technology has been proven at over 5GHz!

PragmatIC Talk

Existing products include proprietary capacitive identification and LF/HF radio frequency identification (RFID) protocols, suitable for extremely low-cost detection of unique tags. Current developments are focused on Near Field Communications (NFC) solutions to enable direct interaction with modern smartphones. Future products will also address UHF RFID as well as additional protocols for communicating with smartphones and other electronic devices.

PragmatIC Show

PragmatIC provides several solutions for driving displays or visual indicators, including conventional surface mount LEDs as well as printed display technologies: electrophoretic (EPD, e.g. e-Ink), electrochromic (EC), liquid crystal (LCD) and organic LED (OLED). Our key focus is to provide highly cost-effective integration of flexible drivers for iconic or segmented displays, but we can also deliver the necessary complexity and performance for row and column drivers in active matrix displays.

PragmatIC Sense

PragmatIC’s solutions support analogue interfaces to sense a range of environmental inputs, such as touch, light, vibration, sound, temperature, etc. Current products use binary comparators to accurately detect when particular sensing thresholds have been breached. Future developments are extending this to full analogue-to-digital conversion (ADC) allowing precise measurement of environmental factors.

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